Project Description

Inge Aanstoot, Andrea Bender, Fabian Blobel, Robin von Einsiedel, Peter Feiler, Arike Gill, Janes Haid – Schmallenberg, Jim Impelmans, Dave de Leeuw, Joyce ter Weele, Wim Warrink |

‘On paper’ is the first of a series of annually returning group exhibitions during the summer times in which Hoorn & Reniers brings together works of its artists within a certain theme. This year’s exhibition shows a variety of contemporary figurative works on paper by 11 international artists.

As an art form, works on paper have known a growing interest over the last years, which is demonstrated by specialized art fairs like Amsterdam Drawing and Drawing Now Paris, but also by the special exhibition that Art The Hague dedicates to drawings this year again. Apart from this current development, paper is an exciting carrier for contemporary art. It offers flexibility to the artists, often leading to looser or more free handwritings, and can take many forms.

‘On paper’ goes beyond a selection of works on paper alone. The exhibition explicitly shows the effect that paper as a carrier can have on the work of the artist and the way he or she handles this material,

Amongst the exhibited artists are excellent painters like Andrea Bender, Inge Aanstoot, Dave de Leeuw, Robin von Einsiedel, Fabian Blobel and Janes Haid – Schmallenberg, whose works on paper show a distinctly different imagery from that in their paintings on canvas. In the case of Inge Aanstoot, this effect is even more prominent in her graphics and it goes without saying that Dave de Leeuw’s paper sculptures further exceed his limits.

‘On paper’ also includes artists for whom the primary focus is paper, like Arike Gill, Joyce ter Weele, Jim Impelmans and of course, Peter Feiler, This German phenomenon may be the best example of an artist who uses the utter freedom that paper has to offer. He combines hyper-detailed drawings with crudely painted abstraction, effortlessly mixes sketches with more finished details and uses his techniques as shamelessly as his themes.

The figurative oil paint portraits of Jim Impelmans and the almost abstract mixed media works of Joyce ter Weele define both ends of the range of contemporary figuration that Hoorn & Reniers wants to show. Yet, these two artists have more in common than they appear. In their works, they both depart from photographic materials and they use the qualities of paper to enforce their own style.

No art work thrives without some imperfection and this goes for exhibitions as well. ‘On paper’ therefore includes one work that is not made on paper. As a matter of fact, Arike Gill’s drawing ‘The diamond heist’ has no carrier at all, which makes it all the more interesting. Finally, Wim Warrink’s crazy machines ‘The pencil sharpener’ and ‘The paint tin emptier’ only cheekily refer to paper and invite the viewer to discover the many aspects of this fascinating material.