Project Description

In 2015 this catalog of Kevin A. Rausch was published on the occasion of his exhibition ‘we have been here before’. Florian Steininger (curator Bank Austria Kunstforum), Dieter Schrage (art theorist), Lioba Reddeker (curator Hangart 7), Barbara Baum  (curator OMV art projects), André Lindhorst (curator Köppe Contemporary) and Claudia Siefen discuss his works and the impact they have had on each of them. The development of Kevin A. Rausch is shown through photographs of works he made between 2010 and 2015.

‘Kevin A. Rausch’, by Kevin A. Rausch, 2015; authors: Dieter Schrage, Lioba Reddeker, Barbara Baum, Claudia Siefen, Florian Steininger & André Lindhorst; ISBN 978-3-200-03254-5; 98 pages. Sold out.