Project Description

Pieter-Jan Martyn  |

The first exhibition in The Netherlands of Belgian artist Pieter-Jan Martyn (Kortrijk, 1986) is entitled ‘The Tulip Connection’.

Following in the foot steps of ‘the grey school of Antwerp’ (whose most famous representative undoubtedly is Luc Tuymans), Pieter-Jan Martyn recuperates old photographic documents. Contrary to his predecessors he uses contemporary digital tools to mix his love for old paintings and historical photos with his own photography.

Pieter-Jan Martyn is fascinated by the dubious imagery of shared history and journalism. It is not just the magic and the mystery of the weathered preserved past that attracts him, but also the search for images and compositions that did not make the visual report of the past. His choices of previous themes demonstrate this, like the Neurenberg trials and the terrorist organization RAF, but also his series of surgery theaters that we show in this exhibition. These series are inspired by ‘The anatomical lesson of Nicolaes Tulp’ by Rembrandt to be seen in the Mauritshuis in The Hague.

Available works