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Früchte der Dekadenz | 04.11 – 23.12.2017

Früchte der Dekadenz | From 4th November until 23rd December 2017 the new solo exhibition by renowned German artist Peter Feiler can be seen at Hoorn & Reniers. The opening of the exhibition will be performed on Saturday 4th November at 16.00 hours. Peter Feiler’s grotesque drawings and paintings cover the precarious subject of “what men can do to each other“ with a childishly innocent patina standing in harsh contrast to repelling and nevertheless fascinating details. His protagonists’ salacious, almost pornographic poses, scenes of abuse, rape, torture, adultery, are merely alluded at times, at times pointed out in blatant explicitness. “I am not a missionary”, Peter Feiler says, “I don’t want to change people. But maybe I can make them discover something good with [...]


After the years of trying | 02.09 – 30.10.2017

After the years of trying | The first solo exhibition at Hoorn & Reniers is dedicated to the work of Austrian artist Kevin A. Rausch (Wolfsberg, 1980) who graduated from the Wiener Kunstschule in 2006. Kevin A. Rausch is known throughout Austria and his works are part of collections like those of the MMMK (Museum for Modern Art Kärnten) and the national bank of Austria. Furthermore, his resume contains exhibitions in Cairo, Istanbul and Berlin. Florian Steininger, director of Kunsthalle Krems, describes his paintings as imaginary, black-romantic landscapes in which the artist leaves his painterly marks as a  lonely wolf.


01 | 07.07 – 24.08.2017

01 | Titled '01 |' the first group exhibition at Hoorn & Reniers shows works of six renowned international artists to whom solo exhibitions will be dedicated in 2017/2018. Participating artists: Kevin A. Rausch (Austria), Gregor Gaida (Poland), Peter Feiler (Germany), Janes Haid – Schmallenberg (Germany), Andrea Bender (Germany) en Inge Aanstoot (The Netherlands).