Music is my first love

Peter Feiler | From 1st September until 20th October 2019, Hoorn & Reniers organize the second solo exhibition by German artist Peter Feiler. This exhibition, entitled ‘Music was my first love’ is based on the many album covers Peter Feiler created for world-famous DJ’s, especially those in the Berlin Techno scene. These covers are not so much an illustration of the music itself, but independent works of art taking inspiration from the album titles. In these works fictional bands and their audiences make their appearance and true to his convictions, Peter Feiler portrays music as a vehicle for the confrontation with a diverse and instable society. Peter Feiler (Halle an der Saale, Germany, 1981) lives and works in Berlin. He graduated from the ‘Universität der Künste’ [...]


The Tulip Connection | 05.07 – 03.08

Pieter-Jan Martyn  | The first exhibition in The Netherlands of Belgian artist Pieter-Jan Martyn (Kortrijk, 1986) is entitled ‘The Tulip Connection’. Following in the foot steps of ‘the grey school of Antwerp’ (whose most famous representative undoubtedly is Luc Tuymans), Pieter-Jan Martyn recuperates old photographic documents. Contrary to his predecessors he uses contemporary digital tools to mix his love for old paintings and historical photos with his own photography. Pieter-Jan Martyn is fascinated by the dubious imagery of shared history and journalism. It is not just the magic and the mystery of the weathered preserved past that attracts him, but also the search for images and compositions that did not make the visual report of the past. His choices of previous themes demonstrate this, like [...]


It’s a small world | 23.06 – 03.08

Sebastian Gögel, Peter Feiler, e.a. | During the summer months, Hoorn & Reniers show a group exhibition with new small works by Sebastian Gögel, Peter Feiler, Andrea Bender, Inge Aanstoot, Janes Haid - Schmallenberg, Casper Verborg, Dave de Leeuw, Jim Impelmans, Roland Maas and Emeli Theander. The exhibition focusses on contemporary figuration in which the human perspective is key and includes fascinating portraits and a diversity of styles. Available works