Vivid vacation | 28.04 – 15.06

Emeli Theander | The first solo exhibition in The Netherlands of Swedish artist Emeli Theander with Hoorn & Reniers is entitled ‘Vivid vacation’. Theander (Göteborg, 1984) graduated in 2012 with professor Valérie Favre in Berlin, where she lives and works since 2003. Her paintings have been shown in solo exhibitions in Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Seoul and Brussels and she has won both the Dorothea Konwiarz Stipend as the incentive award of The Merkel Collection. Her works make part of collections like SØR Rusche en Reydan Weiss. In her paintings and drawings she combines the poetry of dreams with the wonders of fairy tales, myths and sagas. The paintings of Emeli Theander show strange theatres in which human vulnerability is playfully put in the foreground. [...]


Lucky star | 10.03 – 21.04

Roland Maas | In the first solo exhibition of Roland Maas at Hoorn & Reniers, the Dutch artist shows his recent paintings and installations . Roland Maas (1966) graduated from the Academy St. Joost in Breda, The Netherlands in 1990. He had a hard time finding his place in an art world dominated by conceptualism which did not accept the diversity of his art. In his paintings, installations, and photographs, Roland Maas often approaches controversial themes in which individual freedom and normative social behaviour collide. Available works


Grote straat | 13.01 – 24.02

Sebastian Gögel | In 'Grote straat', the first solo exhibition in 2019 at Hoorn & Reniers, German artist Sebastian Gögel (Sonneberg, 1978) shows his paintings and drawings. His works are included in the collection of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, the Gemeentemuseum The Hague and the Museum für Bildende Künste in Leipzig where he lives and works.