Milch und Honig | 22.04 – 03.06

Andrea Bender | Milch und Honig The solo exhibition of German artist Andrea Bender, entitled 'Milch und Honig', shows her latest paintings inspired by classical mythology. Andrea Bender (Schotten, 1972) graduated in 1999 from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where she studied under Jörg Immendorff and Dieter Krieg. Recently, exhibitions of her work were organized in the Yanhuan Museum in Beijing, the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf, the MoMa XLY in Changdu, the Lehmbruckmuseum in Duisburg and the MOCAK in Krakau.


The dark side of consensus | 09.03 – 15.04

Janes Haid - Schmallenberg | The dark side of consensus From 9th March until 15th April 2018 Hoorn & Reniers organizes the first solo exhibition in The Netherlands of Berlin based artist Janes Haid - Schmallenberg entitled 'The dark side of consensus'. In his deceitfully offhand ecstatic scenes Janes Haid - Schmallenberg depicts the outcry of desperate indviduals subjugated to the impossibly fast pace of today's society. In his paintings and ceramic sculptures Janes Haid - Schmallenberg strives for a balance between abstraction and figuration and between seriousness and play, resulting for instance in the use of absurd painting materials like nutrition powder for bodybuilders. Janes Haid - Schmallenberg's work falls within a larger movement of young artists worldwide whose works question the established [...]


Nurture | 14.01 – 04.03.2018

Inge Aanstoot | Nurture From 14th January until 4th March Hoorn & Reniers organizes the first large solo exhibition by Rotterdam based artist Inge Aanstoot, entitled 'Nurture'. In her new colourful and associative paintings, she researches the influence of culture, nature and history on human development and vice versa. Inge Aanstoot became widely known as the winner of the Piket Award for painting and the Sacha Tanja Award. In 2016 she painted a gigantic mural in the Rotterdam Kunsthal Museum. Louise de Blécourt, director of the LL.M. F.H. Piket Foundation, will perform the opening of the exhibition. .