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Sebastian Gögel

Sebastian Gögel (Sonneberg, 1978) lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. He graduated from the Leipzig Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, where he studied under Prof. Sighard Gille. Wantonly various in his output, working methods, subject matter and concerns, Gögel fits into an unique tradition of German polymath artists / conceptualists populated by the likes of Blinky Palermo and Martin Kippenberger.

Fellow artist Oliver Kossack recognises “Sebastian Gögel is neither interested in proclaiming a morality of pessimism about the ways of the world, nor in defending with a quasi-religious arrogance the advantages of representationalism. Rather, driven by a ludic urge to assert and question his subjectivity as an artist, he posits questions as to the problematics of form and the resulting consequences for the artist subject. By means of exaggeration, caricature and grotesque, Gögel simultaneously employs and invalidates morality and representationalism to visualise urgent questions of a bourgeoisie, which is left to its own educational devices. That too, is a moral issue, yet on a different level.”


Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Museum für Bildende Künste, Leipzig, Germany
Arario Collection, South-Korea
SØR Rusche Sammlung, Oelde/Berlin, Germany
Sammlung G2, Leipzig, Germany
Collection Hugo & Carla Brown
Zabludowicz Art Trust


Nominated for Illy Price Art Rotterdam 2009
Award of the 14th Leipzig year’s exhibition 2007

Solo exhibitions

2014, ‘Ohne Sorge’, Laden für Nichts, Leipzig
2013, ‘Energy’, Tatau Obscur, Berlin
2012, ‘Boulevard’, Galerie Emmanuel Post, Berlin
2011, ‘Medusa in Paris’, Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris
2011, ‘Kassierer’, Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart
2011, ‘Pharaoh’s Horse’, Kunsthalle Erfurt
2010, ‘Calicula’, Emmanuel Post, Leipzig
2010, ‘Oyster’, Galerie Adler, Frankfurt/Main
2010, HAGEL: ‘Ewiger Frühling’, Galerie B2, Leipzig
2008, G E M , Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague, The Netherlands
2008, ‘come rain or come shine’, Emmanuel Post, Leipzig
2008, HAGEL: ‘BOMBOM’, Galerie Adler, Frankfurt am Main
2007/2008, ‘Stirb bevor du böse wirst’, Galerie Hobbyshop, München
2007/2008, HAGEL: ‘Zwickmühle’, Galerie B2, Leipzig
2007, ‘Welcome to the Sculpture Club’, Emmanuel Post, Leipzig
2006, ‘FLUCH’, Galerie Adler, New York, USA
2006, HAGEL: ‘Dance on the dancefloor’, Chung King Project, Los Angeles, USA
2006, HAGEL: ‘HYPERHYPER, Galerie Wohnmaschine, Berlin
2005, ‘GMORTOX’, Galerie Adler, Frankfurt/Main
2005, ‘Transformer’, Emmanuel Post, Leipzig
2003, ‘Augen auf’, Comptoire Kunstmagazin, Sonneberg
2003, ‘Waldmeister’, Laden für Nichts, Leipzig